UK Academy Football Trials.

Pro Pathway have built up a strong scouting network which covers numerous football clubs within the country. It is the quantity of our Scouting Network, that has allowed us to provide this fantastic player opportunity.

Our network provides a range of Scouts ranging from the Premier League to League 2 & Vanarama National League Clubs. Our football trials consist of professional coaching programme which is mirrored to them within Professional Football Academies. What you can expect from our trial date:

  1. An fantastic, academy ESQ. coaching experience with Present and Former Academy Football UEFA Licensed Football Coaches. Our Sessions Include:

Introduction Session, Technical Development – 25 Minutes.

Position Specific Coaching. – 40 Minutes Long

Tactical Session. – 25 Minutes Long.

Showcase Game Vs Other team. – 60 Minutes Long. (3 x 20 F.P) (2 x 30 Y.D.P)


2. Pro Pathway: Individual player report to assess your appropriate level of training. Our reports provide you feedback on your overall day including all the training sessions and the showcase game.

3.  Use of Non League Football Stadiums, with top quality facilities including the very best range of equipment.

4.  Professional Football Scouts from academies who’s locality fits with the EPPP guidelines of recruitment from the running venue.

5. Provision of your Pro Pathway Football kit, to train and and play your Showcase Game.


Our events will be ran regularly in different cities across the UK. We aim to be the one of the Number 1 providers into academy football clubs.

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