Our Development Squads

Our Development Squads compete in Local Staffordshire League’s played on Saturdays. These are to continue to give a games programme to our players in line to give them the right amount of challenge. The ethos of the League is always development before results and the main aim is to give a season’s worth of competitive matches to every team participating.
Players are challenged to behave and prepare for matches like academy graduates. Our Development Squads train x2 times per week and play on Saturdays alongside tournaments throughout the summer.Creating an environment close to that of a professional club academy our squads follow an advanced structured syllabus. The emphasis is on technical, tactical, psychological, social and physical development.

Our players are expected to show exceptional technical quality, first-class decision-making skills, with an ability to take on board detailed technical and tactical information.

Development selected players typically will have played for a professional club development centre, or excelled in their grassroots team in which it stops becoming a challenge.