The 1ndvidu2a1 Programme

A specifically designed 1-2-1 coaching programme which is tailored to incorporate the needs of an individual player and look to focus on both their strengths and weaknesses. We can create a specific programme for the client to help enhance player development. These sessions are designed for players who may benefit from a more personalised training session, which is focused on the areas that a youth player needs to help succeed in the modern game.

The coaching structure is based on full 60-minute session and includes agility, balance and co-ordination exercises, which are integrated seamlessly into the Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological components for each individual player. In addition, there is comprehensive consultation between player, parent and coach which enables us to design a truly individually specific programme for the player(s) in question.

Contact us for any additional information regarding Our 1ndivid2a1 Programme or if you would like to join the programme email or call 07876885635